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Shames Mountain photo by Jennifer Reeves.


Terrace’s local ski hill, Shames Mountain, gets an average of 40 feet of snow a year. Some mornings, the powder is up to your waist; it’s unreal. The best part is there are absolutely no crowds – just die-hard passionate locals, pumped to ski with anyone as stoked as they are.  


Shames also has some of the most accessible and incredibly vast backcountry in the province. Many say it’s unmatched.  

Terrace’s ski hill is special for one other important reason. It’s totally family and community oriented. The atmosphere here is light, happy and welcoming. When the hill was on the verge of closing a few years ago, locals from the nearby communities could not imagine life without it. So they rallied together to create a co-op, fundraise and buy the mountain.  


Created in 2011, Shames Mountain My Mountain Coop became the first and only ski hill run as a non-profit co-op. The coop model has been a great success with Shames actually offering more ski days and ski programs than ever before.  


For more information about skiing and

snowboarding at Terrace’s Shames Mountain,

go to

And for the most adventurous of spirits we have

some amazing local heli-skiing guides that are

sure to get you an experience of a lifetime!

The cozy cabins at the Hidden Acres Farm & Treehouse Resort are perfect for lounging after a long, fulfilling day at the hill.  

Heli Skiing on Shames Mountain
Shames Mountain. Photo by Jeanine Phillippe

Image captured by Jeanine Phillippe Photography - Click to view more of her work

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