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Fishing near Terrace
A Big Beautiful Steelhead
Steelhead caught on the Fly
Chinook Salmon
Fisherman Josh
Fishing for Coho
Fly Fishing on the Copper
Steelhead Fishing
Copper River Steelhead
The Copper River
Making a Splash
Big Steelhead
Casting on the Copper River
Oskar on the Copper River
Misty Morning
Nice fish.


World Class. That’s the only way to describe fishing in Terrace. A German tourist actually caught the world record Chinook salmon – 99-lbs – in the Skeena River in 2001, the river that runs through Terrace.  


Fishing in Terrace and the surrounding area is year-round depending on the species and watershed you target. You can catch a variety of trout and all five types of salmon – Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, Pink and Chum – in the summer and early fall. Alternatively, chase Steelhead in the late fall, winter or spring. 

Because of the city’s nearby proximity to the ocean,

visitors to Terrace can also explore what the saltwater

has to offer – halibut, cod, snapper, ocean Chinook 

and, of course, tasty crab.  


While Terrace is best known for the Skeena River

and the Copper River, the options of where to fish 

here are endless. The Skeena has tons of tributaries 

close to the city – the Kalum, Zymoetz, Lakelse,

Exstew and Exchamsiks to name a few. The Nass

river system, also world-class, is also less than an hours drive away. Focus on one area or explore them all. 


As for technique to use, take your pick: fly fishing, trolling, jigging, throwing spoons, bottom bouncing, float fishing or bait fishing.  


The sky is the limit for fishing in Terrace, and Hidden Acres Farm and Treehouse Resort is the perfect place to put your feet up and refresh after a long day on the water.  


Anglers with boats and pontoons are welcome to bring them and launch them into the Skeena River directly from the property - water level permitting, of course. We have plenty of room to park your watercraft during your stay. 

Fishing Chart
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